tirsdag den 27. marts 2012

Fortune 500 company puts monkey in charge of SEO.

Allegedly a fortune 500 company put a monkey in charge of their SEO campaign the CEO of the company had this to say when asked why he did it: SEO has become so easy after the panda update that even a simian can do it, When asked how it had improved the companies rankings the CEO stated no comments. When asked the expense of the monkey to do their SEO campaigns the CEO said 20$ a month in bananas that's it, when asked whether or not he is insane the CEO replied who is really insane all these companies who are using overpriced IM'ers or us who are using a monkey who can produce better results at a cheaper cost.

Among the protesters outside the companies main office was no animal rights activists. However a bunch of IM'ers where there on the spot with a big sign saying go home to Africa. And we interviewed their leader: So what do you think of this monkey business? I think its obscene because if this company achieves great results this way then we are done. What do you mean done? I mean if this monkey gets them to the top of the Google results then we will see monkey's in charge of the SEO campaigns everywhere, and then we will be unemployed. So what you are really saying is that you're afraid of the competition? Yes exactly.

What do you think is it possible that this monkey will get the company to the top of the results leave a comment and tell us. And have you ever considered using a monkey for your own SEO campaigns? please tell us